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About KTX (Korea Train eXpress)

KTX bullet trains started operating on Korean Railway System in 2004. By now KORAIL has two types of KTX trains: the KTX and the KTX-Sancheon. Both of them use "wheel-on-rail" system to attach to the rails.

​Start of exploitation of KTX bullet trains significantly decreased time to travel anywhere in South Korea. Now to get to the farthest point by KTX train will only take less than 3 hours. KTX trains operate on the speed of 305 km/hr.

KTX Seat Classes

Both KTX trains have two classes: first and standard.

The First class of the KTX cars have 127 seats (3 seats for each row) and the Standard class cars have 808 seats (4 seats for each row). The total number of seats for 1 train set is 935.

The First class of the KTX-Sancheon cars have 30 seats with 3 seats for each row, and the Standard class cars have 333 seats with 4 seats for each row. Total seats in a KTX-Sancheon train set are 363. All seats in the KTX-Sancheon are rotating, while in the KTX only First class offers such option.

KTX Tickets and Timetable

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The ticket price for the KTX train is cheaper than the airplain regular ticket, but higher than for conventional trains. The fares may vary depending on distance, season, age group, social status and quantity of tickets in order. Also, there is a great deal for travelers who are planning to take KORAIL trains regularly during their trip. For this group of passengers was developed KORAIL Pass program, which allows them to use the Korean railway system with maximum benefits and convenience.

KTX high-speed trains operate on 4 lines of South Korea railway system (Gyeongbu, Gyeongjeon, Honam, and Jeolla lines) and interconnect such popular travel destinations of the region as Busan, Ulsan, Daejeon, Suwon, Changwon, Seoul, Makpo, Gumi, Iksan, Daegu, Pohang, and Suncheon to name a few.

List of Operating KTX Lines

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