First Class Trains in South Korea

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We already know that South Korean trains are masterpieces of technology. Even though there are only two train classes, you can enjoy a big variety of amenities which offer you both of them. Or you can just simply buy a standard class ticket and have a smooth and cheap run. No matter what are your preferences about comfort zone, South Korean trains have offers for each type of demand.

SRT First Class

While travelling to the next destination, SRT first class passengers can enjoy the following facilities:

  • food and beverage service;
  • neck pillows;
  • aircraft-type everhead storage bins;
  • power outlets for each seat place;
  • high speed Internet (10x) with expanded capacity (4G, up to 100MB);
  • reclining seat (maximum angle: 41 °);
  • roomy legroom;
  • off-white LED lighting for eye protection;
  • quite cars (noise less than 66dB when running on open terrain);
  • 5 seats available for the passengers with disabilities per each train (including two seats for wheelchairs);
  • a restroom for the disabled;
  • storages for wheelchairs;
  • nursing room;
  • a diaper changing station.

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KTX First Class

Being a perfect option for those who value top-notch comfort, KTX ​First Class provides an extended selection of onboard amenities to guarantee every passenger a pleasant ride. Check out the list of the available amenities below.

  • more spacious fabric or leather seats;
  • air-conditioning system;
  • electrical sockets;
  • free WiFi;
  • plenty of legroom;
  • vending machines;
  • luggage racks.

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