Korean Trains Classes

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SRT & KTX Travel Classes

All rapid trains in South Korea are the artwork of engineer thought, developed to move passenger from point A to point B with maximum comfort. Classification system of train cars is rather simple and has only two classes: first and standard (or sometimes called "Economy" ). Regardless of the chosen category, all cars are fitted with comfortable seats, power outlets, and free WiFi.

The KTX high-speed trains in Korea not only connect major cities within the country but also offer convenient travel options to various destinations. Passengers can choose from three travel classes: Standard Class, First Class, and Business Class.

Regardless of the class chosen, passengers enjoy a premium experience with comfortable seating, ample legroom, spacious luggage storage areas, and large windows providing scenic views. Additionally, all KTX trains are equipped with restrooms for passenger convenience.

Most Popular Train Routes in South Korea

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