KORAIL Pass: All You Need To Know

Why Do I Need KORAIL Pass?

If you are planning to squeeze out the maximum from your trip to South Korea, you will definitely need to buy a KORAIL Pass. This little card opens to travelers such opportunities as visiting local museums with a discount or booking a hotel room at an affordable price.
But the main reason you need to buy a KORAIL Pass is Korean high-speed trains. If you are going to travel around the country using a vast railroad system, KORAIL Pass can be your ideal solution to make transport costs during the trip significantly cheaper. Even though the KORAIL Pass gives you unlimited access to all types of high-speed lines, you cannot use it in the subway and on tourist lines.
Moreover, KORAIL Pass holders can enjoy flexible scheduling with no need to book train tickets in advance, allowing for spontaneous travel plans.

How Can I buy KORAIL Pass?

You can buy KORAIL Pass in two ways: online on the official website or offline in appointed travel centers:

Seoul, Yongsan, Suwon, Yeongdeungpo, Cheongnyangni, Masan, Busan, Ulsan Dongdaegu, Gwangju-Songjeong, Mokpo, Yeosu-Expo, Suncheon, Iksan, Daejeon, CheonanAsan, Jecheon, Yeongju, Pyeongchang station.

The instruction on the official website is very explicit and written in English. Also, we would like to put your attention to some points, like cancellation fee charged for pass refund and the fact, that you need to possess passport and seat tickets with your valid KORAIL Pass. Read more about things to remember in section "Remember These Things About KORAIL Pass" in this article.

KORAIL Pass uses familiar among tourists system of tickets gradation. The type of pass depends on your age and days you are going to use it. Here is the actual price list which you can easily use to calculate your expenses:

Train types

How To Use?

Here is a simple algorithm of how to use KORAIL Pass.

  1. Buy your pass;
  2. Print it;
  3. Reserve seat ticket before your trip;
  4. Print your seat ticket.

Notice the following things:

  • you need to have your passport while booking seat ticket;
  • you can't but more than 2 tickets per person per day;
  • but you can travel as a standee if you used your seating reservations.

Remember These Things About KORAIL Pass

Using KORAIL Pass makes the life of traveller way more easier. But with big strength comes great responsibility. Knowing these rules about the pass will prevent you from unpleasant situations and additional costs.

  • KORAIL Pass can only be used with your valid passport;
  • Returning pass will lead to cancelation fee, which sizes you can see below:
Refund fee

KORAIL Pass can only be used by person who bought it;

Even though seating tickets can be sold out, you can use standee ones;

You won't be provided any compensation in case of train delays or cancellations;

KOREAL Pass is available for purchase 31 days prior to the date of your travel.