Korean Trains Explained: Map, Trains Timetable and Tickets Booking

Train is the fastest and most convenient way to travel through South Korea. Take a ride anywhere in country in less than 3 hours and enjoy a state-of-the-art transport.

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Total Rail Length:

3 668 km

Travel time

Longest Travel Time

2 hours 58 minutes

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South Korean railroad system covers the whole country and allows tourists to enjoy the view at high speed. The most popular routes in Korea are Seoul-Busan, Daegu-Seoul, Daegu-Busan, Seoul-Gwangju, Daejeon-Seoul. ​Around 2.5 million people visit Korea annually, uncovering its beauty and traditions, learning culture and rituals. Check more information about South Korean railway routes and rail timetables and view the Korean train map by clicking on the button below.

The availability of detailed railway routes, schedules, and a comprehensive train map online is invaluable for anyone planning to explore South Korea. It allows travelers to effortlessly plan their journeys, ensuring they can make the most of their time in this vibrant country. From historical sites in Gwangju to the technological marvels of Seoul, the train system connects you to a multitude of experiences.
To embark on your own adventure across South Korea, access more information about the railway routes, check rail timetables, and view the Korean train map by clicking on the button below. This will be your guide to a journey filled with discovery, culture, and unforgettable memories.

Korea Train Tickets

South Korea is one of the top destinations for travelers all over the world. Thanks to its high-developed rail system, it's effortless to move and travel inside the country. You can buy a rail ticket at vending machines for your rail journey, right before your train departure, or stay in a queue at the train station counter.

​Of course, the most convenient option is to book the ticket online in advance to avoid hassle and bustle. Learn more about the tickets available and enjoy your Korean adventure! Make sure to check Rail Ninja overview to learn more about online booking platform.

Korean Railway Stations

There are around 638 train stations in South Korea. Learn more about your departure and arrival points: view train station maps, find rail station addresses, and the plan fastest ways how to get to the stations.

Korail Pass

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